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Covid19 Updates

17:03:2020 – Information for guests booked or considering it in the 2020 season.

Currently Slovenia is pretty much locked down as of the last few days alongside all of Europe. With travel now restricted we have to decide what happens to trips for the season approaching us. Our first Alps to Sea tour is scheduled to start on the 2nd of May. The EU has limited non essential travel and the UK government has just said they will do the same for the next four weeks. Other countries I imagine will have a similar timescale. But of course this can soon change depending on how the situation develops.

We have only taken deposits so far for persons booked in 2019. We will not ask for outstanding payments until the situation becomes clearer and restrictions are lifted. For the trips in May we will keep monitoring the situation and make the call at the beginning of April, if this is satisfactory with all our guests. Liasing with our suppliers, they are happy with this.

For anyone flying with Easyjet, they have stated they will waive the fees for rescheduling flights. Hopefully other operators will a have a similar policy. If we have to start cancelling trips we will of course look for another suitable date to postpone your trip too with no time restrictions. We have already been asked if we change some trips till the end of the season. The only issue with this is September till mid-October is now full. A possibility is we could extend our season till the end of October, we have done this in the past and it would be suitable for Alps to Sea trips. There is still some availability in July and August for Alps tours.

We will update this page and our social media of any news and be in touch via email before we cancel any weeks. If you have any questions please let us know via email.

Take Care of each other.

Ride Slovenia Team


P.S  The trails will only be sweeter on the other side.


15:05:2020 Some Good News!

Slovenia has just announced it is opening its border to EU residents. The airport and hotels are allowed to open in the coming days. Of course you need to check your own countries rules on travel. We plan to start operations in around two weeks. Hope to see some of you soon! If you have any questions, do let us know via email.

08:07:2020 Quarantine..

Slovenia has brought in a 14 day quarantine for visitors from countries with Covid cases that are deemed too high or once again rising.  Unfortunately the Uk is currently on the list along with Croatia and Sweden. The other day the Uk did not remove Slovenia from its list of countries which travellers entering the Uk do not have to quarantine. We are keeping a close eye on developments and will update here when we have more information. If you are visiting us in September from any of these countries, might be best to start considering your options.

20:07:2020 Positive News!

Slovenia has put the UK on its green list of countries that do not have to quarantine, waiting for the Uk to reciprocate. Airlines will then probably resume flights.

27:07:2020 Nearly There

Uk has put Slovenia on its green list. Meaning no quarantine in either country if travelling between UK and Slovenia.